BumGloves Fingerless Gloves

Spring is here - yaaay!
We cut our prices, so you can get some extra gloves for the windy days ahead!

BumGloves Fingerless Gloves BumGloves Fingerless Gloves BumGloves Fingerless Gloves

What are BumGloves?

BumGloves are high-quality fingerless gloves that are very popular with musicians, photographers, bartenders, ninjas.. - anyone who works in the elements and relies on the use of their fingertips to manipulate the world around them.

Entirely made in America from 100% acrylics - for every pair sold we can sponsor a meal for a homeless person.

Why are they awesome?

Glad you ask - first, because they look hot! Secondly, they keep your hands warm while your fingers free. Think about it - how many things can't you do with regular gloves? Handle keys / cell phones / iPods, shake hands, open beers.. oh bother!

Introducing BumGloves - no more "gloves on / gloves off", no more sweaty fingers, just warm, tactile finger-freedom.